Scott E.

Procedure: Gastric Bypass Surgery

My gastric bypass journey begins on 03/20/2023. I decided to give weight loss surgery a try since I have been struggling with weight control for decades. I am so glad that I did. Bhatti Weight Loss was great! Since I had a long drive to their facility, I did as many video-tele visits as possible.

After the initial consultation, I was contacted by Dr. Kudav's Lead RN, Lauren, who was extremely prompt and organized. Even though the process went quickly, your health is all of their primary concern, and they showed it. Lauren was also someone I had many conversations with to keep everything on schedule and make sure I did not miss anything. Communication with the Bhatti team was exceptional!

During my EGD we found out that I had a hiatal hernia. This made me so glad I chose Dr. Kudav as he and his clinic are experts in GI, and it would need to be fixed before the gastric bypss surgery. The surgery was longer than normal bypass due to the surgery on the hernia, but now I can knock some of those co-morbidities off my health issues list.

The whole team at Bhatti GI were wonderful from day 1 through the whole process. I would strongly recommend them for anyone that has any GI related issues.

If you happen to need gastric bypass surgery, check out Bhatti GI in Chaska, MN. The whole team and the process went very quickly. Granted, this is my first major surgery, they took what would have been nerve racking out of the equation. I felt very comfortable with them the whole time. The process as described in one word - seamless.

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