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Luke Sansovich - He lost 58 lbs and 19% of body weight using NON-injectable weight loss pills + healthy eating + increase in physical activity all while working a full time job

Natalie recommended early on that I give Vyvanse a try and although I was resistant at first, having been on stimulants previously for ADHD, I eventually gave them a try. I significant improvements in my ADHD symptoms which helped a lot of my struggles with weight management. Along with my other supporting meds and some significant lifestyle changes, I've lost 60 to 70 pounds, although it could be more, at some point at my heaviest I just stopped weighing myself. Not done yet!

Struggled for years to loose weight as a tops member.

I heard about dr ikeman through a friend & gave Dr Ikeman a call. Ive now lost 55 pounds & I'm at my weight loss goal. I couldn't have done it with out you Natalie. Thanks so much.

I tried every diet possible and nothing worked...

Now, I'm down 62 pounds thanks to the weight loss procedure from Bhatti Weight Loss.' - Amy Schroeder

I scheduled my first consultation with Dr. Kudav in September 2022. I decided to move forward with the process after many years of struggling with obesity. When I had my upper scope in December of 2022, I found out I too had a hiatial hernia that needed repair, at that time I was recommended bypass versus sleeve due to the years of severe acid reflux I have struggled with. I had my gastric bypass and hernia repair on March 6, 2023. I couldn't be happier with the entire process with the team that helped me through this journey.

I did have very few minor complications about a week after surgery due to inflammation, but Dr. Kudav made me feel like I was his only patient. He was so attentive, honest and open about what was going on and how we were going to fix it.

Since surgery, I have lost a total of 89 pounds! I have gone down several sizes in my clothing and feel great! My goal is to lose another 25-30 pounds over the next 6 months.
I highly recommend anyone looking into bariatric services to go to Bhatti GI weightloss clinic! Especially Dr. Kudav! - Jessica K

"If you happen to need gastric bypass surgery, check out Bhatti GI in Chaska, MN. The whole team and the process went very quickly. Granted, this is my 1st major surgery, they took what would have been nerve racking out of the equation. I felt very comfortable with them the whole time. The process as described in one word - seamless." - Scott E.

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